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Refraction Therapy taps into the universal spectrum of inner/outer feelings and behaviors. It allows individuals to "refract" their experience into its several parts and then blend it into a personal cosmic view, with freedom to explore life's myriad possibilities. Refraction Therapy uses the metaphor of light travelling through a prism. It first breaks into the colors of the rainbow and then disperses throughout the universe. One perceptive therapist has called Refraction Therapy the "prism of the soul".
Refraction Therapy is light years ahead of other approaches to wellness and healing. Persons who wish assistance refracting their light into the world, as well as those acting as their guides and supports, will find these techniques helpful. Refraction Therapy was developed by two therapists with years of experience guiding individuals toward the "prism of the soul". They have incorporated the subtle variations of the colors of their experiences into Refraction Therapy.
A personal experience with Refraction

"I had a friend in college who spent the whole afternoon hunched over his drawing board copying the folds of Durer's drapery off some print and that night bit the head off a live chicken. Now granted he was drunk for one of these activities, I forget which, but the refractive point is the animal/aesthete (female counterpart is the whore/goddess?) fault line. Now as refractors we say that it's one or the other, no synthesis possible, no reconciliation. Animalslashaesthete, whoreslashgoddess, not animalaesthete,whoregoddess. Refractors live in the slash,on the faultline, the membrane, the interface where the rubber meets the road. Pushing people in the direction of their symptoms clarifies the polarity - "See, you shithead, you spilt chicken blood all over your drawing" - that's what happens when people try to reconcile instead of refract. It almost teases seriousness."
Refraction Therapy workshops will debut on April 1, 2000. If you have questions or to obtain information about learning opportunities in your area, click on the rainbow colored ball below to send us an email.

Refraction Therapy With Youth

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