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moneyFunding: Grant Writing Tips

Elements of a Grant Proposal Grant writing basics from The Center for Nonprofit Management Grant Search & Information Links to sites on finding grants and writing effective proposals
Writing a Successful Grant Proposal Guidelines for information to include and some help on how to present the information The Chronicle of Philanthropy This web site offers a summary of the contents of the current issue of The Chronicle, a list of forthcoming conferences and workshops, job opportunities in the non-profit world, and other information
Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees With a core focus on the United States, GCIR provides grantmakers with opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration, as well as information resources A Grantseekers Guide to the Internet A good explanation of how non-profits can get connected and use the internet and information about how to search for funding sources
Proposals For Funding Planning and writing a proposal for submission to donor organizations Proposal Pointers and Pitfalls Tips that range from reading the RFP through submitting the finished proposal
Grant Writing Tips This page includes a list of grant planning questions and a list of basic proposal elements that I use when I offer grant-writing workshops Grantwriting Basics This article focuses on the necessary research and preparation as well as the grantwriting process for successful foundation funding
Grantseeker's Checklist Twenty things to remember when writing grant proposals Basic Elements of Grant Writing This publication is an easy guide to the basic elements of grant writing and is offered to assist applicants to CPB and to other funding sources. It offers guideposts to help you through each stage of the process
Proposal Preparation Checklist A very detailed list of all the steps in developing a proposal from developing the concept to assembling and mailing the finished product A Proposal Writing Short Course A suggested approach that can be adapted to fit the needs of any nonprofit and the peculiarities of each situation from the Foundation Center
Designing Successful Grant Proposals You can be a successful grant proposal writer if you follow three rather simple steps: (1) start with a good idea; (2) locate a source that has already funded similar ideas; and (3) design, craft, and develop your idea into a well-written statement Grantwriters.com This site is organized into four parts: free information about what's hot and new in the grant writing world; the bookstore--your source for the best in grant writing materials including books, guides and diskettes loaded with sample documents; training including open workshops, on-site programs, university courses and web-based instruction; plus services from generating the first idea to submitting a winning grant proposal
non-profit guides Free web-based grant writing resources for non-profit organizations, charitable, educational, public organizations, and other community-minded groups Grans Writing Tip Sheets Many NIH Institutes put out guides and tip sheets on their Web sites. These guides can be useful resources. Here are just a few


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