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How do I link to Youthwork Links and Ideas?
Please feel free to link to any page of Youthwork Links and Ideas from your own site. You do not need permission. The URL of the main page is http://www.youthwork.com

How can I get a link to my site placed on Youthwork Links and Ideas?
Many of the links on Youthwork Links and Ideas are suggested by visitors. If you have a youthwork related site that you would like listed here, simply the URL. I will let you know if I use the site and where the link is located.

How do I make a reciprocal link to Youthwork Links and Ideas?
Youthwork Links and Ideas has a Reciprocal Links page for listing sites which have linked to it and are not directly related to youthwork . To have your site listed on this page, send an with the URL of the link to Youthwork Links and Ideas. Please note that links will not be made to sites which promote pornography, hatred or violence. I will visit your site and if it is appropriate I will add a link.

How do I open links in a new browser window?
This is a good way to investigate links and then return quickly and easily to Youthwork Links and Ideas. If you are using a PC, right click on any underlined link and choose "Open in New Window" from the pop up menu which appears. Mac users should click and hold on an underlined link and choose "Open in New Window" from the pop up menu. With both of these methods a new browser window will open with the web site you clicked on. When you are done looking at the site and any links from it, close the window and you will be back at the Youthwork Links and Ideas page from which you started.

This is also a good method to use if you are charged by the hour for internet access. Open several windows and then log off the internet. You can then browse the sites off line at no charge

Do you answer requests for information about youthwork?
If you are looking for information about a topic which is not covered on these pages, send a request to . I will send you any information I have which is not yet posted on these pages. Time constraints prevent me from doing searches for answers to your individual questions. Please investigate the posted links before requesting additional information.

Do I need permission to use the information in Youthwork Links and Ideas?
You may use the information presented on this site in any way you choose. A link back to this site, or other credit, is appreciated but not required. Obviously the use of information presented on a web site which is linked to this site is governed by the policy of that site.

How do I use the search engine?
There is a link to the Search Engine at the top and bottom of every page on this site. Enter the word or words you are looking for in the "Enter Your Keywords" box on the search page and Click on the Submit Keywords button. You will receive a page which lists the titles of all the Youthwork Links and Ideas pages which contain your keyword(s). Click on any title to go to that page. If you click (check) the Exact Match box prior to your search, you will get only those pages which contain an exact match to the words you entered. If you do not click (check) the Exact Match box, you will get pages which contain variations on the words you entered.
You can also use the Youthwork Links and Ideas Site Map for an alphabetical listing of the topics and pages on the site.

Who or what is Youthwork Links and Ideas?
Youthwork Links and Ideas is maintained by one person with a passion for disseminating the best information the internet has to offer youthworkers. It is not connected to or affiliated with any organization. For more information, click on About the Author.

How can I support Youthwork Links and Ideas?
Youthwork Links and Ideas receives no outside support or funding. The costs of maintaining an internet connection, space on a host server and occasional software to simplify the task of creating and maintaining the site are born solely by the author. The site has no banners or other forms of advertising which many people find intrusive and distracting. If you find the site useful and would like to help defray some of the expense or contribute in any way, go to Support YLAI to see your options. Thanks in advance to anyone who provides support.

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