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advocacyAdvocacy and Prevention
Policy and Legislation
Legislation (US) (Updated 5/12), Policy (Updated 4/23)
HIV/AIDS (Updated 5/7, Resiliency (Updated 9/10), Substance Abuse (Updated 10/22), Violence (Updated 9/3), Miscellaneous (Updated 5/12)
Advocacy: Tips, Strategies, and Programs
General Topics (Updated 1/29)

generalGeneral Information
General Links (Updated 5/12), Deaf Youth (Updated 10/1)
Youthwork Directories (Updated 9/24),
Social Science Directories (Updated 2/11)
Adoption (Updated 12/9), Grandparents (Updated 6/12), Parenting (Updated 5/7), General Resources (Updated 6/11)
Culturally Specific (Updated 2/5), Juvenile Justice (Updated 6/11), Travel/Work/Study (Updated 4/2), Youth Radio (Updated 12/9), Miscellaneous (Updated 2/5)
Research and Statistics
Research (Updated 10/22), Statistics (Updated 4/2)

Emotions and Behavior
Mental Health (Updated 1/2), ADD/ADHD (Updated 1/29), Autism & Asperger Syndrome (Updated 1/2), Conduct Disorders (Updated 4/2), Depression Disorders (Updated 9/4), Eating Disorders (Updated 4/2), Schizophrenia (Updated 10/1), Youth Suicide (Updated 1/28)
Prevention (Updated 5/7), General Topics (Updated 4/2)
Physical Health
Diabetes (Updated 1/29), Nutrition (Updated 4/8), Miscellaneous Chronic Health Conditions (Updated 10/23), General Topics (Updated 12/9)
General Topics (Updated 12/10), Pregnancy and Reproductive Health (Updated 6/11), Sexual Orientation (Updated 4/8)
Substance Use and Abuse
Drinking, Drugging and Driving (Updated 10/9), Youth and Tobacco (Updated 6/11), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (Updated 12/9), Substance Abuse Prevention (Updated 10/22), Substance Abuse Help (Updated 9/10), General Topics (Updated 1/22)
General Health Topics
Miscellaneous (Updated 1/28)

YouthJust For Youth
Just For Youth
Informative and fun sites for youth, many are created by young people. Adults will also find these sites useful and entertaining (Updated 6/11)

administrationProgram Administration
Fundraising (Updated 6/12), Funding Directories (Updated 1/2), Grantwriting Tips (Updated 4/8), International & Non-US (Updated 12/9), US Foundations & Corporate Giving (Updated 4/10), US Federal (Updated 2/5)
Nonprofit Management
Board of Directors (Updated 4/8), Organizational Development (Updated 12/10), General Resources (Updated 6/11)
Program Design and Evaluation
Evaluation (Updated 6/11), General Topics (Updated 11/5)

issuesYouth Issues
Abuse and Neglect
Abuse (Updated 6/11), Ritual Abuse (Updated 2/5), Sexual Abuse (Updated 10/23)
Child Welfare
Foster Care (Updated 6/11), General Topics (Updated 5/7)
Employment & Education
Education (Updated 6/11), Employment (Updated 10/9), General Topics (Updated 4/23)
Runaway Youth (Updated 12/10), General Topics (Updated 4/8)
Juvenile Justice
General Topics (Updated 6/11), Restorative Justice (Updated 4/8)
General Topics (Updated 9/10), Acquaintance/Date Rape (Updated 11/5), Bullying (Updated 4/8), Gangs (Updated 4/8) Violence Prevention (Updated 9/3),
Youth and Media
General Topics (Updated 1/29)
Youth Rights
General Topics (Updated 4/8)

Experiential Education
General Topics (Updated 12/10)
General Topics (Updated 12/10), Online Communication (Updated 4/2)
General Topics (Updated 10/9)
Personal Experiences of Youthworkers
General Topics (Updated 9/4)
Practice Tips
Miscellaneous (Updated 6/11), Active Listening (Updated 1/28), Activities (Updated 5/13), Cultural Competence (Updated 5/7), Group Work (Updated 1/28), Opportunities (Updated 4/10), Practice Models (Updated 11/5), Youthwork as a Profession (Updated 10/9), YLAI Tips (Updated 12/10)
Professional Organizations
Youthwork Organizations (Updated 1/28)
Residential Youthwork
General Topics (Updated 1/2)
World Wide Youthwork
World Wide Links (Updated 1/2), US State and Regional (Updated 1/28)
Conferences & Calendars (Updated 6/11), Academic Resources (Updated 10/22), Distance Learning Resources (Updated 10/1), Training Organizations and Calendars (Updated 9/25)
Youth Development
General Topics (Updated 11/5), Youth Development Programs (Updated 9/24)

OtherOther Links
Miscellaneous Links
Featured Sites (Updated 4/8), Miscellaneous Topics (Updated 5/12)
Other Social Science Sites
Social Science Directories (Updated 4/8),
Social Work Sites (Updated 1/28),
Miscellaneous Social Science Sites (Updated 4/23)
Reciprocal Links
Friends and Supporters (Updated 1/22)
Stories (Updated 11/5)

Maine Youthwork Resources
(Updated 1/22)


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