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Ideas for Youth Organization Fundraising Events A site to get both youth and adults thinking of creative and fun fundraising activities Association of Fundraising Professionals AFP has an obligation to promote and encourage the involvement of young people in philanthropy and the profession of ethical fundraising
Fund$Raiser Cyberzine A digital magazine dedicated to bringing fundraisers the latest and most complete news and ideas in fundraising Nine Basic Truths Tips for fundraising, in English, Spanish and French
The Fundraising Bank A Directory of Fundraising Products and Services E-Campaigns Gaining Momentum As the number of people utilizing the Internet continues to increase dramatically, e-campaigns are gaining ground in business, politics, and in the nonprofit sector
Youth, Inc: Improving Non-profits for Children A network among the youth non-profit community and the financial, broadcasting, and entertainment industries to elevate the awareness and fundraising effectiveness of programs serving America's youth Fundraisers for Schools, Churches and Organizations Fundraising ideas from Fund-Attic
1200+ Fundraising Products The largest site on the internet dedicated solely to fundraising companies and the fundraising products they offer. Quickly review some of the top fundraising companies offering a wide variety of popular products and services Fund-Raising.com Links to products and services, innovative ideas, resources and books to help in your fundraising efforts
Fundraising Know How A site designed to give you an overview of a variety of fundraising items to help you choose the best one for you Association of Fundraising Professionals For more than 40 years, AFP has been the standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising
Fundraising Deals.com Easy-to-use fundraising directory provides a variety of innovative and economical ideas, products and services specific to fundraising. You can search through the directory of fundraising ideas in order to find the fundraising idea that is best suited for your next fundraiser Fundraising Ideas and Products Center Directory of fundraising companies offering traditional, unique and sometimes even bizarre fundraiser ideas for groups of all sizes and interests
Fundraising Art Auctions by Azalea Fine Art A people oriented company, striving to put our sponsoring organizations and customers first. From booking the date to post-auction follow-up, we are at your service School-Fundraisers.com A central fundraising source for all types of school groups. No matter what your fundraising goals and objectives are, we have a fundraising program that will work for you. We work with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and even colleges. From school bands to sports teams to academic clubs
All About Charity Many fundraising links Easy Fundraising Ideas Proven fundraising ideas including cookie dough, candy, coffee, candles, gift wrap for schools, sports, churches, youth groups, scouts, civic organizations and others. Up to 54% profit, FREE shipping and support
Association of Fund-Raising Distributers and Suppliers AFRDS is an international association of companies that manufacture, supply and distribute products that are re-sold by schools and other not-for-profit organizations for fund raising purposes Profit Potentials Specializes in fundraising ideas, fundraisers, school fundraisers, sports fundraising, frozen food fund raisers, wreath fundraiser, candy fundraising, church fundraising, soccer fundraisers, football fundraisers, youth group fundraisers, sports fundraising and internet fundraising
ePhilanthropy Foundation.org Seeks to foster the ethical use of the Internet for philanthropic purposes and provides educational services via conferences and seminars, through its various publications, flyers and printed articles and over the Internet in its various eLearning courses Groundspring.org Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector by providing information technology solutions that facilitate and enhance communication and engagement between nonprofit organizations and their stakeholders. We do this by offering software tools and services, training, and consulting that help nonprofit organizations raise funds and communicate with their stakeholders online, and manage their operations more effectively
Online Fundraising - A Dangerous Proposition Many organizations are considering the use of the Internet to raise funds for their nonprofit work. However, there are laws that can and have been enforced that can cause serious legal and financial problems if proper registration is not made Unified Registration Statement Represents an effort to consolidate the information and data requirements of all states that require registration of nonprofit organizations performing charitable solicitations within their jurisdictions


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