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meetingNonprofit Management - Organizational Development

Organization Development Network A vital learning community that develops, supports, and inspires practitioners and enhances the body of knowledge in human organization and systems development Organizational Development Portal Links to organizational books, associations and other pertinent information
Organizational Development Toolpack Provides a great deal of information on employee and customer surveys, organizational change, performance enhancement, and strategy implementation, all in an organizational development context The Leadership and Organization Development Journal Aims to provide all those involved in organization change and leadership issues with up-to-date ideas, new research on major issues and current case studies
The Organization Development Institute A non-profit educational association organized in 1968 to promote an understanding of the field of Organization Development TQM and Organizational Change and Development While Total Quality Management has proven to be an effective process for improving organizational functioning, its value can only be assured through a comprehensive and well thought out implementation process
OD Resources This page will help direct you to a growing variety of OD and Training sources Free, On-Line Nonprofit Organization and Management Development Program This complete, free, nonprofit organization development program can be implemented: By service organizations to promptly provide a nonprofit and management development program in their locale -- this program can be adopted "as is" or modified (guidelines are included herein for carrying out the program in a very low-cost, straightforward fashion); As a free, self-paced program for nonprofit entrepreneurs, leaders and managers; As a free, self-paced program for consultants and volunteers to increase their understanding of nonprofit organizations and activities

Managed Care: An Agency Guide to Surviving and Thriving by David Emenhiser, Robert Barker and Madelyn DeWoody
Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used by Peter Block


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