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Attentive Listening is:
xA relationship building skill which is useful for Youthworkers in all settings
xA way to communicate your understanding of what a youth is experiencing
xA way to focus on relationships, not just behavior


xAttentive Listening is sometimes called "reflective listening" which means that you simply reflect back the speaker's thoughts or feeling
xThe speaker may have named the feeling or you may have to infer it from words, tone of voice, actions or body language
xA good way to start is: "You feel (name the feeling) when (restate the situation)
xIf the person denies this listen for a more accurate feeling. Remember to "listen to" body language and actions as well as words
xOften it is the listening you do that is more important than the words you use

Click HERE to view an example of how attentive listening can be used


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