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Overview of Course

Introductory Session

Family and Values


Individual Counseling 1

Individual Counseling 2

Individual Counseling 3


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Click on the title for more information or to order
  Dietz, Patricia, M.(1991). Youth Reaching Youth: Implementation Guide. Oklahoma: National Resource Center for Youth Services
  Gordon, Thomas (1990).Parent Effectiveness Training New American Library Trade.
  McKay, Gary, McKay, Joyce and Dinkmeyer, Don(1998). Parenting Teenagers: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting of Teens Times Books
  Painter, Carol and Sorenson, Don (Editor) (1989). Friends Helping Friends Program. Minneapolis, MN: Educational Media Corp.
  Rohnke, Karl (1984). Silver Bullets. Massachusetts: Project Adventure, Inc.
  Weber, Richard C. (1982). The Group: A Cycle from Birth to Death, NTL READING BOOK FOR HUMAN RELATIONS TRAINING. NTL INSTITUTE
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  Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality by Wilmer Stampede Mesteth, Darrell Standing Elk and Phyllis Swift Hawk
  Diversity Dictionary The University of Maryland Diversity Data Base
  Re-examining the Model Minority Myth: A Look at Southeast Asian Youth
  Latinos or Hispanics: What's in a name?
  Our Shining Black Prince by Ossie Davis
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  Feelings Marketplace. A set of over 100 5" x 8" cards illustrating feelings words. Available from Effectiveness Resources International, PO Box 154, Medway, MA 02053


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