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Adolescence Directory On-Line Info on health, mental health, substance use, conflict and violence Teenagers Links to information about youth from the USDHHS
UK Youth Links to programs and other resources Youth OnLine Links to sites for youth, parents and youthworkers. Created by a Child and Youth Worker
Social Change Center Articles on various aspects of youthwork and links to other resources worldwide The Youth Information Service This UK site is targeted toward youth, and also contains lots of good information for youthworkers
The Site A compendium of links for youth and youthworkers, both educational and fun Australian Clearing House for Youth Studies Covers many aspects of Australian youthwork
The InterNetwork for Youth Partners with youth for the new millennium Youth Development A comprehensive list of internet resources and articles from the Welfare Information Network
Youth Across Victoria: The infoXchange Lists Australian sites related to youth and youthwork UNESCO Internet Atlas This page aims to guide the public -- including youth -- in surfing on the sea of Internet sites for youth information, and ultimately to improve the exchange of information in the field of youth
YouthGas Networking, resources, information, opportunities, events, contacts and collaboration for youth, youth groups and the youth sector in Australia PARENT DEX:a guide for parents and youthworkers You will find every subject area there is for and about children and youth, from child psychology to teens volunteering, substance abuse prevention to parenting, brought to you by the National Children's Coalition and Streetcats Foundation
Youth Work (selected links) Links to youthwork resources - the majority are to resources in the UK, but others are also included GLBT Web-Based Education Index A comprehensive directory of information available on the web
Kidstuff Parental site with lots of books, resources, events, and periodicals for kids and parents National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth NCFY connects those interested in youth issues with the resources they need to better serve young people, families, and communities
Adolescence A list to aid you in finding relevant educational resources on the World Wide Web on Adolescence SALTO-YOUTH Links Useful Links to actors in the field of non-formal European youth work
Young People's Gateway Information, resources and advice for young people and for people working with young people  


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