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Learn and Serve A national (US) service grant program that supports service-learning across the country School-To-Work Information about programs, state initiatives, grant availability.
National Center For Research In Vocational Education The Center's mission is to strengthen school-based and work-based learning to prepare all individuals for lasting and rewarding employment, further education, and lifelong learning High School Employment: Meaningful Connections for At-Risk Youth Evidence that, even after controlling for a large number of other factors believed to affect economic outcomes, there is a strong link between working during high school and obtaining a job right after graduation
Girls on the Margins of Education and Work Teenage girls who leave school as young as 15 years of age are significantly more disadvantaged in the labour market than young men who leave school early, a University of South Australia study shows Thematic Review of the Transition from Initial Education to Working Life An OECD report describing how young people’s transition to work has changed during the 1990s in several countries
Global Conferences on National Youth Service Global conferences on national youth service have been held on alternate years since 1992. This web-accessible archive for the proceedings of the global conferences on national youth service (NYS) is maintained on behalf of IANYS by A. Hugo in Australia as a voluntary service to those interested in NYS around the world Employability Skills for the Future The definition of employability skills used in this Australian project was skills required not only to gain employment, but also to progress within an enterprise so as to achieve one’s potential and contribute successfully to enterprise strategic directions. Employability skills are also sometimes referred to as generic skills, capabilities or key competencies
Cornell Youth and Work Program Fosters the transition of youth to adulthood through research and development on school-to-work opportunities. It focuses on the quality of work-based learning STRATEGIC SCHOOL TO WORK PROJECT: School to Work in Rural and Remote Areas The results of pilot projects targetting indigenous youth in Australia
Transition Resources A listing of resources for youth transitioning from school to work. Provided by Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI) National Center on Secondary Education and Transition Coordinates national resources, offers technical assistance, and disseminates information related to secondary education and transition for youth with disabilities in order to create opportunities for youth to achieve successful futures
Transitions from Initial Education to Working Life Within a lifelong learning framework the review had two key goals: To describe how young people's transition to work changed during the 1990s; and To describe the education, labour and social policies, and the interaction between these, that lead to successful youth transitions YES Country Networks Youth-led national-level coalitions focused on promoting youth employment in their countries
Effective measures for school-to-work transition in the vocational education system: Lessons from Australia and Korea The importance of close connections between vocational education and training (VET) systems and industry is highlighted in this report. The report finds that any system of entry-level training, which aims to help students make a successful transition from school to work, must have support mechanisms and frameworks in place to enable accurate assessment of industry and labour market needs New Ways To Work Provides technical assistance, training, customized tools and facilitated support to employers, schools, community organizations and community collaboratives interested in developing systems that better prepare young people for their future
Transition and Post-School Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities: Closing the Gaps to Post-Secondary Education and Employment This report presents an analysis of research on the status of transition, post-secondary education, and employment outcomes for primarily 14 to 22 year old youth and young adults with disabilities over the past 25 years. Next it identifies what has worked, and what should work in light of unmet needs and unserved populations. Finally, the report presents recommendations for national, state, and local community action Transitions -- from school to work; transition to adulthood A list of resources (mostly Australian)
National Association of Service and Conservation Corps NASCC currently operates a large multi-site AmeriCorps Education Awards Program, runs a National Direct AmeriCorps program focused on homeland security, and annually conducts a national Standards-based peer program assessment program. New initiatives on the horizon include a national Youth Civic Justice Corps, a documentary celebrating the corps legacy, a rigorous national evaluation of corps, and increased federal funding for public land projects  


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