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Runaway Youth  
Homeless Youth An annotated bibliography from The National Resource Center on Homelessness and Mental Illness (a .pdf file) Education of Homeless Children and Youth Examines the barriers to public education faced by homeless children and youth, the progress states have made in removing those barriers, and current policy issues
The Foyer Federation in Wales Describes the activities of foyer programs throughout the country of Wales StandUp For Kids A national, not-for-profit organization founded in 1990 to help rescue homeless and at-risk youth living on the streets. This site also includes profiles of street kids.
Homeless Students Links to homelessness resources Homeless Youth A Fact Sheet published by the National Coalition for the Homeless
Housemate Aimed at young people and at anyone that works with young people in a professional or caring capacity. This site accompanies free primary and secondary teachers' materials on housing and homelessness produced by Shelter National Coalition for the Homeless Our Mission is to end homelessness. Toward this end, the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) engages in public education, policy advocacy, and grassroots organizing
Preventive work with teenagers: evaluation of an adolescent support team This study, by Nina Biehal, Jasmine Clayden and Sarah Byford, evaluates the work of one adolescent support team, covering their work to prevent young people being 'looked after' and their work with homeless 16- and 17-year-olds HomingIn Newsletter of the Scottish Youth Housing Network
Putting Families in the Picture: Early Intervention into Youth Homelessness Australian Prime Ministerial Youth Homeless Taskforce Report Reconnect Data Report Services effective in preventing and alleviating youth homelesness
First Report of the Longitudinal Evaluation of Reconnect
Young People and Care Leavers Youth homelessness in the UK Youth Accommodation Association NSW (LTD) An association of organisations which provide accommodation for young homeless people. The web site provides information on homelessness and strategies for addressing it
Living Rough - preventing crime and victimisation among homeless young people This project was designed to identify strategies that reduce violence and crime among disadvantaged and homeless young people, both as perpetrators and as victims Street Angels A comprehensive list of all WWW sites that deal specifically with Street Children
Health and Health Needs of Homeless and Runaway Youth This White Paper, although not an exhaustive review of all of the issues, highlights the most important problems of this population from an international and national perspective. It classifies them, discusses their health and social needs including barriers to health care, describes some models for their care, and presents recommendations for improving services and outcomes Safe in the City Dedicated to preventing youth homelessness by tackling the causes and finding out what really works
Protecting the Mental Health of Homeless Children and Youth The February, 2000 issue of Healing Hands with articles that focus on mental and behavioral health issues for homeless children and youth living with one parent or none doubled up with relatives or friends, in emergency shelters, in foster care or group homes, or on the street project i A research project involving homeless young people in Melbourne and Los Angeles
Young Homeless People 2001-02: New South Wales supplementary report This supplementary report to Young Homeless People in Australia 2001-02 provides data specifically for New South Wales. Both reports provide information on young people aged 12-24 years who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless Runaway and Homeless Youth An estimated 1.3 million adolescents run away from home or become homeless each year. At any given time, an estimated 300,000 adolescents are living on the streets with no supervision, nurturing, or regular assistance from a parent or responsible adult
Young People Living With Homelessness: How Do They See It? The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released data on the numbers of people experiencing homelessness, which indicated that the numbers have increased in Victoria from 17,840 in 1996 to 20, 305 in 2001 - 36% of this group are aged between 12 and 24 years. Melbourne Citymission offered 60 young people the opportunity to describe what it is like to be one of these numbers Ending Youth Homelessness The failure to ensure safe and stable housing for our nation's young people results in youth living on the couches of relatives or friends, in emergency shelters, and on the streets -- all far from ideal environments for ensuring their successful transition to stable and economically self-sufficient adults
Youth Homelessness: The Root Causes are Ignored That there is no social problem which cannot be cured by a large injection of taxpayers' money is the prevailing viewpoint in government, bureaucracy and the churches. Therefore, the plight of homeless children can be quickly alleviated if only more public funds were spent.- PROFESSOR L.J.M. COORAY, Editor of Public Affairs Media Probe, argues that while such an approach might soothe troubled consciences, it will do nothing to fix the problem  

Runaway Me by Evan Karl Cutler


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