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YouthSpeak An organization that works to defend the rights of youth Youth Activism Project More adults recognize that the long tradition of making decisions for youth without youth has failed.Getting the powers-that-be to take seriously the ideas and solutions offered by the next generation is not as difficult as you might expect
The Rights of Kids in the Digital Age, Jon Katz, Wired Magazine Defence for Children International An independent non-governmental organisation set up during the International Year of the Child (1979) to ensure on-going, practical, systematic and concerted international action specially directed towards promoting and protecting the rights of the child
International Humanitarian Campaign Against the Exploitation of Children Simply stated, the exploitation of children is about money. It is about economic survivability. The children are used as commodities for trade, as are weapons, drugs, tobacco, toxic waste, or nuclear arms. Many NGOs and bureaucrats are focusing on prostitution, but in order to grasp the understanding of what is occurring in Europe, you have to think very simply, although it is very offensive, the children are commodities to the traffickers Article 12 'Article 12' in Scotland is a network of young people who want to do something about youth rights
The Best Interests of the Child A feature article from Amnesty International on human rights and the juvenile justice system Peacefire A teen run organization which is against censorship of youth on the internet
TeenLiberty.org Works to protect the civil and human rights of teenagers, labeled rebellious, defiant, or out-of-control UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Read the full text in the following languages:
Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Free The Children Mission: to establish programs and activities that will reduce the poverty and exploitation of children throughout the world. To provide leadership skills and citizenship opportunities to youth Child Rights Information Network CRIN is a Global Network of Organistions Sharing their Experiences of Information on Children's Rights. CRIN's "virtual desks" tackle a number of issues important for child rights
ABA Center on Children and the Law Improving children's lives through advamces in law, justice, knowledge, practice, and public policy Canadian Youth Rights Association CYRA's goal is to promote the elimination and/or reform of laws, policies, and attitudes that limit the freedom of young people in Canada
A last resort? The report of the Australian National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention Americans For A Society Free From Age Restrictions ASFAR is an organization dedicated to protecting and advancing the legal civil rights of youth. ASFAR fights the voting age, curfew laws, and other laws that limit the freedom of young people
North American Youth Rights The SNAYR is the most comprehensive database of information on youth rights available today. It includes organizations, publications, and personal websites from around the United States and Canada about the continuing struggle for the rights of young people rights in all its forms Freechild Project Its mission is to promote radical democracy through social change by and with young people
Youth Free Expression Network A national coalition of teens and adults committed to defending the free expression rights of youth Students' Rights Information on student rights from the American Civil Liberties Union
Oblivion A youth ezine dedicated to youth rights. It has good links to recent news articles International Youth Rights Action Alliance The central hub on the internet where youth rights supporters can come and read the latest news and essays concerning youth rights, meet the people taking action, and find out what you can do to help
Child Slaves May Be Making Your Chocolate Information about the use of child slaves in cocoa farming in the Cote d"Ivoire No War On Youth ColorLines Magazine and the DataCenterís Impact Research Team have come together to create a set of resources for organizers and activists fighting against the War on Youth
EURONET The European Children's Network is a coalition of networks and organisations campaigning for the interests and rights of children (defined in the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as all persons under 18 years of age) Children's Rights Council A national (US) non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status
National Youth Rights Association NYRA is a non-profit organization that promotes the rights of young people in the United States. NYRA fights discriminatory laws such as the curfew, the drinking age, and the voting age, as well as many others Free Youth Internet A Web Publication and forum for the Youth Rights movement, the struggle to bring full civil rights and freedom to youth and children
The Association for Children's Suffrage A student organization dedicated to eliminating voting age requirements Student and Youth Rights Teachers and administrators have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the students that is conducive to learning. They also have a responsibility to respect each student's individual rights. These two missions are not incompatible. Kids have rights too!

The Human Rights of Street and Working Children: A Practical Manual for Advocates by Iain Byrne and Nelson Mandela


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