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The Colorado Shootings

This web site provides one perspective on the recent shootings in Littleton, Colorado, an opportunity to share your views and engage in discussion via a message board, and links to other web sites about this topic.

One Youthworker's View of the Events

My condolences and sincere sympathy to the residents of Littleton, Colorado - to the parents, family members and friends of those killed and injured and to all those who experienced the tragedy and may live with its aftermath for a long time.

Like most people I have followed the events in the media and have talked to many people about them. While I have heard concern about how we can help the people directly affected by this tragedy and how can we prevent future occurrences, I have heard more comments which I consider destructive to healing and prevention goals.

Some of the trends which concern me are:

As youthworkers, I believe that we are in a unique position to offer some prevention approaches based on what we already know and do. We know the youth who are alienated and isolated, a favorite media phrase, and we have expertise in engaging and building relationships with them. We also have realistic expectations. I think of a young man who became an active and articulate advocate for youth issues while involved in a youthwork program. He had a history of violent and antisocial behavior which some would say precluded any success in life, yet for a few years he was successful. As he aged out of the program and lost the supports, he again became involved in destructive activities and was arrested for a violent crime. Was this a failure? I would say it was a failure that the system did not continue to provide the supports he needed but a success in that he was not involved in crime and violence for two to three years.

What can youthworkers offer to the prevention of violent acts?

I call upon youthworkers to insist on having their knowledge and expertise brought to the table. I have yet to hear a youthworker interviewed on national media about solutions to the problem. I hope this has happened and I just havenít heard about it.

What can youthworkers do?:

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