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Print The books listed below will provide you with valuable information whether you are looking for theory, practical help or inspiration. Clicking on the title allows you to order the book directly from amazon.com, a reliable and reputable online bookstore. Profits earned from your purchase of books through this site will be used to support Youthwork Links and Ideas. Purchasing through this site does not add anything to your cost.

Batsleer Janet. Working With Girls and Young Women in Community Settings. This book builds on the strengths of autonomous feminist work with girls and young women, offering a record of existing good practice as well as developing a critique to strengthen future practice.

Blanchard, Kenneth. The One Minute Manager. Although written for people working in business, this book is a practical guide for anyone working with people. Short and easy to remember strategies for encouraging others to succeed.

Block, Peter. Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used. Using illustrative examples, case studies, and exercises, the author, one of the most important and well known in his field, offers his legendary warmth and insight throughout this much-awaited second edition. Anyone who must communicate in a professional context--and who doesn't?--will use the lessons taught in this book for years to come! .

Brendtro Larry, Brokenleg Martin and Van Bockern Steve. Reclaiming Youth At Risk: Our Hope For The Future. "Drawing on the accumulated wisdom of Native Americans and of established leaders in the field, it (this book) offers concrete suggestions for creating environments in which all young people can grow and flourish."

Brierly Danny. What Every Volunteer Youth Worker Should Know Many volunteers struggle to know what to do with the young people in their care. Lacking experience and resources many give up. Others battle on for the sake of the young. What Every Volunteer Youth Worker Should Know provides much-needed wisdom, encouragement and ideas.

Byrne, Iain, and Mandela Nelson. The Human Rights of Street and Working Children: A Practical Manual for Advocates. A comprehensive guide for experienced and beginning advocates. It provides an international perspective.

Cain Jim and Jolliff Barry. Teamwork and Teamplay. Contains a wide variety of experiential and group building activities, information on how to construct props and equipment and extensive bibliographies.

Canada Geoffrey.Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence in America This brutally honest account of a childhood in the Bronx is a personal history of violence in America and a hopeful plea for the salvation of our children caught in today's cross fire. Canada's childhood experiences influenced his sensitive understanding of violent attitudes born out of fear and self-preservation.

Carter Jay (editor), Noll Kathy and Cusimano Flora.Taking The Bully By The Horns Easily broken down into digestible chapters, this book addresses the seriousness of the issue, offering smart, empowering, proactive "bully" solutions.

Carver, John. A series of books on effective governance which demonstrate an innovative approach to the roles and responsibilities of the board of directors.
  Basic Principles of Policy Governance (Carverguide Series on Effective Board Governance, 1) John Carver and Miriam Mayhew Carver
  Board Assessment of the Ceo (Carverguide Series , No 7)
  Board Self-Assessment (Carverguide Series , No 8)
  Boards That Make a Difference : A New Design for Leadership in Nonprofit and Public Organizations John Carver and Alan Shrader
  Reinventing Your Board : A Step-By-Step Guide to Implementing Policy Governance John Carver and Miriam Mayhew Carver

Curtis, Patrick A., Dale Grady, and Kendall, Joshua C. The Foster Care Crisis : Translating Research into Policy and Practice (Child, Youth, and Family Services) From the University of Nebraska Press

Cutler Evan Karl. Runaway Me: A Survivors Story. "I've known Evan personally for several years. I know he knows from personal experience what he's talking about. He also has worked diligently to try to reach out to other runaways with service and compassion, listening to their stories, giving them encouragement and advice, and just being their friend. He can be trusted... A friend, Dean Cozzens "

DeKoven Bernie. Junkyard Sports: Making Sports Fun Again. For those familiar with the 'Cooperative Sports' or 'New Games' movements this is not a new message. What is new is the idea of getting participants to design new games that they can then enjoy playing and adapting as they go. The idea of adapting popular sports provides a handy short cut - and appeals to the subversive in us all

Eggert Leona L. Anger Management for Youth : Stemming Aggression and Violence . This detailed training guide demonstrates how to avoid getting into power struggles with aggressive youth by teaching youth and staff alike critical skills for appropriately expressing anger.

Emenhiser David, Barker Robert and DeWoody Madelyn. Managed Care: An Agency Guide to Surviving and Thriving. This book addresses the issues surrounding managed care, and how agency executives, staff and boards of directors can prepare for, survive and even prosper during the coming revolution.

Ferguson, Gary. Shouting at the Sky : Troubled Teens and the Promise of the Wild. Shouting at the Sky is a story resplendent with glimpses into the power of the human spirit and the healing that is possible when the beauty and challenges of the wild are linked to it.

Gordon, Thomas. Parent Effectiveness Training. This book is a classic for teaching communication skills. Although directed at parents, youthworkers can easily modify the examples to make the book relevant to their work.

Harris-Johnson Debra, Rose Yvonne, and Johnson Leland. The African-American Teenagers Guide to Personal Growth, Health, Safety, Sex and Survival : Living and Learning in the 21st Century. Written in a direct, easy voice, this self-help guide offers a wealth of practical information and advice about a huge range of topics--family, friends, sexual orientation, work, safety, spirituality, and more.

Kelly Jeffrey A.Changing HIV Risk Behavior: Practical Strategies. A guide to helping people make specific behavioral changes to reduce the risk of HIV infection, for students and professionals in mental health and counseling, substance abuse treatment, social and health care services, and public health.

Koram Dan.Suburban Gangs: The Affluent Rebels. This is a straightforward, nonsensational discussion of the causes, typology, and potential for prevention of and disengagement from youth gangs in relatively affluent communities (in Europe as well as the U.S.), which are often startled to learn they have a gang problem.

Krueger Mark. Whether writing from the perspective of the system, the program, the youthworker or the youth, Mark Krueger gives us a sensitive insightful vision of how things are and how things could be. Currently available titles include:
  Buckets: Sketches From A Youth Worker's Logbook
  Careless To Caring For Troubled Youth: A Caregiver's Inside View Of The Youth Care System
  Choices In Caring: Contemporary Approaches To Child And Youth Care Work (with Norman Powell)
  In Motion
  Intervention Techniques For Child/Youth Care Workers
  Job Satisfaction For Child And Youth Care Workers
  Job Satisfaction For Child Care Workers
  Practitioner Perspectives On Residential Child And Youth Care Work

Kuhn Cynthia, Swartzwelder Scott and Wilson Wilkie. Buzzed: The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy. Well written book with straightforward facts about common drugs and their effects on the body. It provides clear explan ations of the research on which the facts are based.

Kuhn Cynthia, Swartzwelder Scott and Wilson Wilkie. Pumped: Straight Facts for Athletes about Drugs, Supplements, and Training. Sound, carefully researched, and nonjudgmental advice regarding drugs and supplements. Some of them work but are dangerous; some are dangerous and don't work; many are harmless and have little effect other than to fill the coffers of the sellers

Lifton Betty Jean. The King Of Children: The Life And Death Of Janusz Korczak. The inspiring saga of a man who introduced progressive orphanages in his native Poland, defended children's rights in court, wrote classic works of children's literature and child psychology and chose to die in Treblinka rather than abandon the Jewish orphans in his care. Korczak lives as a moral exemplar in this fine biography.

Luxmoore Nick. Listening to Young People in School, Youth Work and Counselling . This accessible book captures the reality of young people's experiences, their relationships and the things that are important to them. Using in-depth examples from his many years' experience as a teacher, youth worker and psychotherapist, Nick Luxmoore outlines a creative approach that will enable professionals to respond appropriately to the complex needs and sometimes demanding behavior of young people.

McKay, Gary, McKay, Joyce and Dinkmeyer, Don. Parenting Teenagers: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting of Teens The Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) program has taught over two million parents how to encourage mutual respect, cooperation, responsibility, and self-reliance in their kids. This completely revised edition of "Parenting Teenagers" features increased coverage of single parents and stepfamilies and more real-life examples

Malekoff, Andrew. Group Work With Adolescents This book is useful for beginning and advanced practitioners alike. On the one hand it conveys enough of the "how-to's" to introduce clinicians to the field. On the other hand, it is refreshing for the mature clinician seeking new inspiration... It is eclectic in orientation, dynamic in its approach, and very humanitarian.

Neill, A. S. and Albert Lamb (editor) Summerhill School: A New View of Childhood A revised edition of the classic work describing innovative approaches to working with children and youth.

Noll, Kathy and Jay Carter, MA PsyD Taking The Bully By The Horns A self help book which explores different ways children and teenagers are bullied (both mentally and physically), how the bully becomes a bully, how the victim becomes a victim (sometimes there's a fine line between the two), and what can be done about it.

Olweus, DanBullying at School : What We Know and What We Can Do (Understanding Children's Worlds) A practical guide to understanding and dealing with the issue of bullying.

Painter, Carol and Sorenson, Don (Editor). Friends Helping Friends Program. A manual for peer counselors (special order)

Palmer, Parker J. To Know As We Are Known: Education As a Spiritual Journey Moving beyond the bankruptcy of our current model of education, Palmer finds the soul of education in a lifelong cultivation of the wisdom each of us posseses and can share to benefit others

Rodriguez, Luis. Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A. A former L.A. gang member describes his experiences in that world, recounting the sense of security and power found in a gang and the grim reality of violence and poverty

Rohnke Karl. Cowstails and Cobras II : A Guide to Games, Initiatives, Ropes Courses, and Adventure Curriculum Activities for different age groups and a section on leadership issues

Rohnke Karl. A Small Book About Large Group Games Sometimes a game is just a game. A collection of games and activities suitable for large groups

Rohnke Karl. Silver Bullets Regardless of what age group of people you are working with, if you need a way to break down barriers between participants, this is the book for you. There are games, actions that involve trust, problems that involve reasoning and intuitive thinking, and problem solving activities as well

Ryan Caitlin and Donna Futterman. Lesbian and Gay Youth: Care and Counseling The book breaks new ground with guidelines for assessment, treatment and health promotion, and includes a model client interview, information on working with families and anticipatory guidance, and a referral checklist for assessing the capacity of agencies and providers to care for lesbian and gay youth

Schoel Jim, Prouty Dick and Radcliffe Paul. Islands Of Healing: A Guide To Adventure Based Counseling. This book presents the theoretical assumptions on which Adventure Based Counseling rests and guides the practitioner in choosing, sequencing and presenting activities.

Simon Sidney B., et. al. Values Clarification/the Classic Guide to Discovering Your Truest Feelings, Beliefs, and Goals. This book presents values clarification activities of all kinds. Many of these activities may be standards in your repetoire and you will probably find some new ones.

Jerry Wilde Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out : The Anger Management Book. An empowering book designed to encourage today's youth to manage their anger rather than be controlled by it.



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