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My name is Chantelle i'm 18 years old i met my ex boyfriend around 5 months ago he had just come out of jail his 22 nearly 23 been in jail 3 times always in trouble he went on crack when he was just 19 with no real job he was always on the streets stealing street robbery going in to people houses selling his mums stuff and his little sisters stuff just to get a hit i once asked him how why and who he told me he was sitting in the block with a boy and he was on crack he asked my ex boyfriend if he would like some without thinking or even knowing what crack dose to you he tried it one pull and he was hooked he got really bad on and was taking every think he could get his hands on to sell when i met him he was still on it but i never knew until 2 months in after my things started going i brought games and a playstaion to try and get him to stay in 2 months later i got him off it and just smoking weed thinking that would be better now we have split the weed isn't better drugs are not a game!!!! he is now hooded on weed working in a shop where he is allowed to smoke weed he gets 150 a week but he is allowed to take money out in the week so by the end of the week he only has about 30 to his name witch gets him a 20 hit of weed and 10 for food or something weed makes you paranoid he thought i was cheating and his temper was really bad but i got out if you think you cant get out because you love you partner this is a wake up call why there on drugs they will never be yours as there cheating with drugs! being with him for around 5 months putting up with his mum who's a drunk and his little sister 16 who is on drugs and his brother 19 who is also on drugs was the most hardest thing i had to do he was my 1st true love but when it comes to drugs i had to walk as he wasn't going to stop i'm hoping to go in to youth work as iv picked up on how mad the street really are and i want to help the young kids of today's world i sat down the police station for 18 and a half hours one night 9 hours and many other times lets just hope he sees that his lost some one who loved him with all there heart and fingers crossed he gets help!

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