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District 202
When Politics Become More Important than Liberation

In a world where the hatred of teens is so common, who would believe a couple of youth questioning if a community center was exploiting them?

"Witness" is a documentary made by a 19 year old with her home video camera. The video steps into the terror that ageism causes and the reactions those in political power have when young people find their own voice. See what ultimately forced a group of young people to be censored and banned from "their" center ... and left to shape their history with little more than determination. (from the video cover)

Joanna Kohler has directed a remarkable video which all youthworkers and youth programs should see. It is thought provoking, emotional, challenging and honest. This video will make you see your assumptions and your practices in a new light. (Barbara Kawliche, Youthwork Links and Ideas)

Use the Message Board to read what others have to say and to post your views on ageism and the video

Ordering "Witness"

Cost: $25.00 (us) plus $5.00 shipping for the first tape and $2.00 for each additional tape.
Order From: MN Media Project, att: Kristine Sorensen, 262 E. 4th St., Suite 501, St. Paul, MN 55101
Make Checks Payable To: Joanna Kohler
Include: Name, Address, City, State, Country, Zip

Joanna Kohler is also available to do speaking and presentations on the topic of this video and ageism against youth. Contact her at 651-290-2653 or JoKohler@aol.com


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