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The sites listed below either focus solely on youth or have a significant amount of information about youth and youthwork
Association For Experiential Education The Association for Experiential Education (AEE) is a not-for-profit, international professional organization with roots in adventure education, committed to the development, practice, and evaluation of experiential learning in all settings Project Adventure Since 1971, Project Adventure, Inc. has been the leader in the field of Adventure education. Adventure education is learning that incorporates all the elements of an adventure surprise, stimulation, support and significance
Guide To Active Reviewing Maximise the value of experience for learning, growth and development! This online guide provides debriefing tips, tools, articles, research and ezines about active, creative and effective reviewing Footbag Peace Initiative This site is dedicated to joyfully harnessing the sport of footbag (...known widely as "hacky sack") as a vehicle for personal health as well as cultural healing. The FPI aims to foster peace in the world by teaching and promoting cooperative play, peer leadership and non-violence among teens, athletes and others in America and abroad
Outward Bound Outward Bound® is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to conduct safe adventure-based programs structured to inspire respect for self, care for others, responsibility to the community and sensitivity to the environment. This site has links to all Outward Bound programs.
Improving Evaluation in Experiential Education Recent changes in the methodologies of evaluation have provided useful tools for experiential educators. Such tools can be used to refine programming, enhance student learning, and perhaps improve the credibility of the field
www.erlebnispaedagogik.de The German site for Experiential Education and Adventure-Based Learning. This site is written in most parts in German language, but you will find some links to different sites written in English and an International News Page Dr. Christian Itin Web site of experiential education resources, including definitions of Adventure-Based Practice and related terms
The Creative World of Coleman Wheeler It is hard to sumarize this site, creative is the key word. Some selected topics include: "Paradise: The Great Adventure!....a short fable"; "Welcome to the Future"; "The Characteristics of a Good Leader!" National Society for Experiential Education The National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) is a membership association and national resource center that promotes experienced-based approaches to teaching and learning. For over 25 years, NSEE has developed best practices for effectively integrating experience into educational programs
Experiential Educators.com Teachers using experience to teach since 427 BC. A brief introduction to some of the experiential educators who have helped to develop the field or who currently make significant contributions Manifesto for Outdoor Adventure for Young People The Foundation for Outdoor Adventure is a national (UK) body committed to research education and promotion of the values of outdoor and adventurous experiences for young people
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is a programme of leisure-time activities for all young people between the ages of 14-25. It gives opportunities for personal achievement, adventure, social involvement and a widening of interests
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Australia
Pacific Adventure Learning PAL has been facilitating programs in Western Canada for the past six years. Programs offered by PAL are designed for implementation to a diverse range of clientele
Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound Expeditionary Learning is a design for school reform that challenges K-12 students to meet rigorous academic and character standards Why Adventure? The role and value of outdoor adventure in young people's personal and social development. A Review of Research by Jon Barrett and Dr. Roger Greenaway commissioned by the Foundation for Outdoor Adventure (1995)
CANADEC The Canadian Adventure and Education Centre, was established in 1997 as a vision of Pinnacle Youth Works, Inc (est. 1994) with the idea of providing a wide range of educational, therapeutic, and adventure opportunities for organizations, Canadian and international travelers, and young people in and out of the traditional school system National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps NATWC believes therapeutic wilderness camps represent one of the most effective methods of helping troubled young people change the way they deal with their parents, schools, and other authorities
OutdoorEd.com The purpose of OutdoorEd.com is to provide a rich community for professional outdoor and experiential educators to come together and share their knowledge, ideas, questions, and issues Outdoor Education Research and Evaluation Center Aims to provide outdoor education and related fields with a central on-line resource for information, publications, tools and services for research and evaluation
Outdoor Education and Troubled Youth Provides a brief historical synopsis of the parallel development of both outdoor education and outdoor therapeutic programs in working with troubled and adjudicated youth History of Outdoor Education Research Includes information on: Early studies; Classic studies; Adventure therapy research history; Outward Bound Australia research history ; and References
Experiential Learning A discussion of the theory of experiential education with emphasis on the work of Kolb The Experiential Learning Cycle The cycle refers to the process by which individuals, teams, and organizations attend to and understand their experiences, and consequently modify their behaviors
Why Experiential Learning is So Effective A brief discussion of twelve key components of experiential learning  

Islands Of Healing: A Guide To Adventure Based Counseling by Jim Schoel, Dick Prouty and Paul Radcliffe
Summerhill School: A New View of Childhood by A. S. Neill and Albert Lamb (editor)
To Know As We Are Known: Education as a Spiritual Journey by Parker J. Palmer
Shouting at the Sky : Troubled Teens and the Promise of the Wild by Gary Ferguson


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