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The Directory of Mentor Arts and Mentorship If you have a mentoring program or are interested in starting one, this page has many links to mentor programs and resources Mentoring - A Proven Delinquency Prevention Strategy An evaluation of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America mentoring program done by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Mentoring An overview of mentoring and mentoring programs The National Mentoring Partnership An advocate for the expansion of mentoring and a resource for mentors and mentoring initiatives nationwide
Tutor/Mentor Connection This web site is aimed at building and sustaining a "village" of great tutor/mentor programs, making sure there are enough of these programs, and that they are where they are most needed..and that they have the RESOURCES each needs MentorsForum.co.uk From its earliest roots in Homer's Odyssey, written some three thousand years ago, Mentoring has been an integral process used world-wide, whereby one person helps another to grow and develop new skills and attitudes
National Mentoring Center Provides training and technical assistance to mentoring programs through a variety of services and conferences. Created and funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), it aims to create connections between children and caring adults in the community Mentoring Makes a Difference Findings from The Commonwealth Fund 1998 Survey of Adults Mentoring Young People
Measuring the Quality of Mentor-Youth Relationships: A Tool for Mentoring Programs Does my program work? This evaluation guide helps program coordinators answer the question by gauging the effectiveness of both individual relationships and the program as a whole through a simple 20-question survey given to the youth The Mentor Foundation An international non-government not for profit organisation with a focus on the prevention of drug misuse and the promotion of health and well-being of young people. Mentor seeks to identify, support and share information on effective practice that will prevent and protect young people from the harm that drugs can cause
I Have A Dream Foundation Helps children from low-income areas reach their education and career goals by providing a long-term program of mentoring, tutoring, and enrichment with an assured opportunity for higher education Young People and Mentoring: Towards a National Strategy It is time for a coordinated, resourced, national approach to Mentoring. Following consultations with key mentoring providers and others with expertise in the area, this timely report released by DSF, The Smith Family and Big Brother Big Sister, suggests five key recommendations to move towards a National Strategy for Youth Mentoring
Taking Dictation: A Technique for Encouraging Writing Mentors who offer the right kind of structured and supportive writing activities can help young people who have never done well at expressing themselves Mentoring and Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Provides some advice to agencies considering mentoring as a pregnancy prevention strategy
Training Agendas and Evaluations This mentor training program was designed to help novice mentors gain expertise more quickly. It focuses on mentoring; we mean it to supplement orientations that inform mentors about the purposes and procedures of their program  


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