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computerYouthwork and the Internet

OnLine Communications: Newsgroups; Mail Lists and Electronic Newsletters
community-youth-work A place to share information, ideas, skills and resources of relevance to the study and practice of community and youth work
CYC NET A list for child and youth care workers
The YARN Mailing List An electronic discussion group focusing on youth research
AEELIST The Association for Experiential Education mail list discusses many youth related topics
Youth Field Xpress An on line newsletter of youth and youthwork issues. Available through e-mail or at this site on the web
Active Reviewing Tips Free monthly e-zine with reviewing tips and related information
CYC-ONLINE International Child and Youth Care Network E-zine for child and youth care workers
Training & Youth Online This web-based newsletter provides the community with up-to-date information on the Commonwealth of Australia's Government Training and Youth initiatives
Coyote A new magazine on issues around 'youth training europe'. It is addressed to trainers, youth workers and all those who want to know more about the world of youth worker training in Europe
HUSITA Mailing List An opportunity to exchange information and experiences on using IT in the human services
International Youthwork Mailinglist Means to open communication and discussion concerning issues of social youthwork
Electronic Youth Policy Update This brings together key issues that the organisation has identified concerning UK youth work, youth policy and youth affairs
Kids Help Line's Newsletter Published every four months with information about online and crisis counseling
Youthworker.uk.net Discussion forums for a wide range of youthwork related topics
H-Childhood An edited electronic network focused on the history of childhood and youth
Youth Worker Resources A message board for anyone who works with young people in an informal education capacity


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