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BRATHAY Brathay trainer-training courses are conducted using a facilitative approach. This means that course members experience the process as well as learning about it. There is always an element of personal development involved. Because of this approach, the programme is flexible to take account of the needs of course members. Centre For Social Action Services for people and organisations who work with young people; young people at risk and in trouble; young people involved in substance misuse (UK)
Guide To Active Reviewing Develop your reviewing, debriefing and processing skills by using Roger Greenaway's online guide to Active Reviewing for new ideas, publications, training and consultancy Informal Education Homepage Theory and practice of youthworkers as informal educators and training opportunities in the United Kingdom
National Resource Center for Youth Services Publications, training, child care worker certification, on line newsletter Virtual Community for Substance Abuse Training Information about AdCare Educational Institute and the New England Institute of Addiction Studies
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory NCREL's mission is to strengthen and support schools and communities in systemic change so that all students achieve standards of educational excellence. As a leader in linking research and technology to learning, we accomplish our mission through policy analyses, professional development, technical assistance, and by leveraging the power of partnerships and network YouthChange If your training prepared you to work with Beaver Cleaver, but your kids look more like Beavis and Butthead, our answer-packed workshops and problem-stopping resources offer the real-world solutions you've been searching for
Child and Youth Care Learning Center Provides education and staff development for child and youth care professionals. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Training Materials for Hotlines and Helplines The following materials have been designed to assist trainers as they prepare professionals and volunteers for crisis work. The focus is primarily for phone counseling although the materials may be easily adapted for face-to-face counseling
Coyote A new magazine on issues around 'youth training europe'. It is addressed to trainers, youth workers and all those who want to know more about the world of youth worker training in Europe Gordon Training International Effectiveness Training resources
Management Training Program Free Nonprofit Grassroots "MBA": Self-Directed, Community-Based Management Development Program The William Glasser Institute Reality Therapy training and information
The Compass Training and consulting resources on the web. Sites are rated by visitors Therapeutic Milieu A web site for mental health professionals treating emotionally disturbed youth in residential treatment
The Confidence Coach The aim of Confidence Coaching is to liberate your Confidence and build the natural self esteem in your life American Youth Work Center The AYWC Social Services Practical Training Program enables foreign social service providers (human services and children and youth services) to enter the U.S. legally to receive practical, hands-on training and experience in an American social service agency and earn the prevailing wage plus benefits
National MultiCultural Institute NMCI's mission is to increase communication, understanding and respect among people of different racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and to provide a forum for discussion of the critical issues of multiculturalism facing our society Community Program Innovations Offers one-day workshops in Massachusetts on clinical and management issues and sends trainers around the country to train on an array of subjects
National Training and Technical Assistance Center Supports the delivery of high quality training and technical assistance to the juvenile justice field International Youth Work Training Courses in the European Youth Centres The courses offered by the Directorate aim to build on previous training but add an intercultural dimension by promoting youth participation at a European level
National Child Welfare Resource Center for Adoption Specializes in providing technical assistance, with a focus on program planning, policy development and practice through consultation, training, information/research and resource materials aimed at supporting organizations in their efforts for continuous program improvement Youth Association South Yorkshire YASY is an umbrella organisation that supports youth clubs in the region, by providing activities and creating opportunities for young people. YASY offers training to youth workers, enabling them to extend the range of their work with young people. YASY organises central events and develops programmes for and with youth workers and young people to use in their own groups.
Training-Youth.net This website offers training opportunities and publications for youth workers and youth trainers in Europe Youth Work Training An index of featured training related articles in Youth Studies Australia


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