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INFOYOUTH Network UNESCO database with links to international information about youth and youth policies European Youth Observatory Comparative data - both quantitative and qualitative - about the situation of young people in different cities inEurope, reports, information about practices, and documents related to youth and youth policy in the different cities and regions of the network
Pacific Youth Bureau Coordinates the implementation, monitoring and review of the Pacific Youth Strategy 2005 which aims at creating and maintaining genuine opportunities for young people to play an active role in the economic, social, cultural and spiritual development of their societies European Union Youth Programme Offers possibilities to young people in the form of both group exchanges and individual voluntary work, as well as support activities
Pro Youth International The aim of this project is to create in WWW a youth related database with information on different structures and organisations working in the field of youth work in Europe, and to build links to all the existing information on the national / regional / local level European Youth Forum An international organisation established by national youth councils and international non-governmental youth organisations to represent the interests of young people from all over Europe
The European Commission: YOUTH There are more than 50 000 000 young people aged between 15 and 25 living in the Member States of the European Union. When the pre-accession countries of Central and Eastern Europe join the Union, this number will increase considerably. The European Union must therefore address the needs and opinions of young people in Europe youthwork.net A place for youthworkers around the world
INFOYOUTH in Asia and the Pacific (Korean)
INFOYOUTH in Asia and the Pacific (English)
This site is designed to provide information on/for youth throughout the world, especially with special attention to the Asian-Pacific region
International Youth Foundation International foundation supporting positive youth development in over 65 countries in the areas of education, life-skills, ICT, and youth employment
The European Network of Ombudsmen for Children Its aims are to encourage the fullest possible implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the child, to support collective lobbying for children’s rights, to share information, approaches and strategies, and to promote the development of effective independent offices for children ERYICA European Youth Information and Counseling Agency Works for a more co-ordinated approach to youth information, especially at the national level, so as to create the necessary conditions for effective services at the European level
Commonwealth Youth Programme Works for a world where young women and men (15-29 years) can reach their full potential. Where they can use their creativity and skills as productive members of their societies. That means having control over their own lives EURONET The European Children's Network - is a coalition of networks and organisations campaigning for the interests and rights of children (defined in the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as all persons under 18 years of age).
TakingITGlobal.org An online community that connects youth to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and take action in their local and global communities International Centre for Child and Youth Studies Undertakes and promotes multi-disciplinary training and research, policy analysis, programme development and local capacity building in a number of specific fields in relation to childhood and youth in development

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