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youthwork links and ideas featured

Listed below are links to sites that I consider excellent resources. These sites are outstanding for the content they offer, their design and ease of navigation, or both.

check Youth on Board

Youth on Board prepares youth to be leaders and decision makers in their communities and strengthens relationships between youth and adults through publications, customized workshops, and technical assistance

check youfwork.co.uk

This is a very funny site. A spoof on what we do that almost requires us to laugh at ourselves.

check TheGYC - The Gay Youth Corner The top community, profile, chat, article and resource website around for young gay, bisexual and lesbian people.

check What Makes a Good Youthworker?

This site is oriented toward those practicing within the Quaker faith, but most of the information is applicable to anyone .

check National Youth Development Information Center

The National Youth Development Information Center is a one-stop website for youth workers with interest in any and all of the following areas: funding, programming, research, policy, job and training opportunities. NYDIC also provides current news to the youth development field and has one of the largest online libraries, providing practice-related information at low-cost or no cost. NYDIC provides constant opportunities for practitioners to share knowledge and experience, enabling them to build the best practice in the field of youth development.

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