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Links to sites that have previously been listed as Featured Sites. These sites are outstanding for the content they offer, their design and ease of navigation, or both.

A Method on Presenting Key Concepts Regarding Positive Youth Development to Community Audiences Have you ever been asked to give a presentation about youth to a group of teachers (or parents, or county commissioners) and struggled with how to best present the information? The purpose of this brief article is to describe some ways of presenting key concepts regarding positive youth development to the public. Instead of a focus on problems, one can use these presentations as an opportunity to educate about a positive approach to youth development. Positive youth development means providing youth with the necessary opportunities for them to acquire a broad range of competencies and to demonstrate a full complement of connections to self, others, and the larger community.

Active Reviewing This is one of the best sites you will ever find for learning how to make the activities you plan relate to the real lives of the youth you work with. Roger Greenaway packs these pages with his wisdom and experiences and lots of links to other sites.

American Youth Work Center This site includes information about: American Youth Work Center - a non-governmental resource, training and advocacy organization for social service workers and community-based social service organizations and Youth Today - an independent, nationally distributed newspaper that goes out to more than 70,000 readers in the child and youth services field

BritKid This is a wonderfully interactive website about race, racism, and life - as seen though the eyes of the Britkids. Choose a virtual companion and view the world of "Britchester" through his or her perspective. While hanging out at local attractions, you are given opportunities to test your knowledge, attitudes and values. You need a browser that supports frames to use the site. Even if you are one of those people who "hates frames", give this site a chance. It is an excellent example of a well designed use of them.

Children's Express An award-winning, international nonprofit media organization that produces stories by reporters (ages 8 to 13) and editors (ages 14 to 18) for adult print, broadcast, and interactive media. CE's mission is to give children a significant voice in the world.

Drug Aware An Australian site aimed at providing youth with accurate information about alcohol and other drugs. It also provides information about local (Perth Australia) musical events and a few free MP3 downloads. Definitely a youth friendly site.

Learn To Mentor The National Mentoring Partnership's Learn to Mentor Training. An online introduction to the art and skill of mentoring. The information here is also useful in any type of relationship.

National Resource Center for Youth Services Enhancing the quality of life of our nation's youth and their families by improving the effectiveness of human services. This site provides publications, training, and information about child care worker certification

Organization Development Network The Organization Development Network (OD Network) is a vital learning community that develops, supports, and inspires practitioners and enhances the body of knowledge in human organization and systems development.

Organizational Development Portal This site is an excellent gateway to links and other resources in the organizational development field.

StandUp For Kids The purpose of STANDUP FOR KIDS is to empower homeless and at-risk youth toward life-long personal growth through an on-the-streets outreach program, and to create in these youth a sincere caring and belief in themselves through open, straightforward counseling and educational programs, thereby helping them acquire the life skills necessary to become effective members of their community.

Student Youth Work On Line As it's name implies, this site offers information and resources for student youth workers. However, those of us who may still consider ourselves students, but who have been in the field for a while, will also find much of interest here. Lively articles about practice and theory, youth work news, discussion boards and a newsletter are among the features you will find at this site.

Teen Alcoholism and Addiction This site has great links to resources for teens and adults who care about them. The sites listed deal with with a wide range of mental health and substance abuse conditions. Prevention, intervention, and treatment sites are included and both local programs and general information sites are listed.

Teen Relationships Website This site developed for teens, by teens offers information and resources about respectful relationships. Even though many of the resources are located in California, the information is useful for young people anywhere. There is also a chat room facilitated by Teen Counselors - every Monday through Thursday from 5-7 pm pacific time

Trashed Details about current drugs with information relating to any of the following topics: About, Origins, Effects, The Law, Composition, Emergency and Risks. This site is aimed at youth and presents information without any preaching or "parentalisms". Youthworkers will also find the information helpful.

Young People's Press Free national news service produced by youth for teen and adult print, radio, TV and online media. Stories cover youth violence; gun control; poverty and homelessness; children's rights; politics, political conventions and elections; diversity, race relations and gender issues; religion and ethics; education and schools; health and addiction; teen pregnancy and sexuality; gay and lesbian issues; living and working conditions for children worldwide; science, environment and technology.

youthfm.com This UK radio station and internet site has grown and prospered since its inception as a millennium project. It broadcasts a full range of hit music.

YouthNet YouthNet is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the life opportunities of Kansas City young people by promoting quality youth development programs that occur in the afterschool hours. We do not provide any youth programs ourselves. Rather, we support the work of a number of existing community-based agencies whose missions include serving children, youth and families.

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