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The programs listed below provide interesting and innovative approaches to youthwork. I have no way of knowing the actual quality of the program and a listing here is not an endorsement by Youthwork Links and Ideas.

Culturally Specific Programs Juvenile Justice Programs
Travel/Work/Study Programs Youth Radio

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Various Countries United Kingdom United States
Travellers' Youth Service - Exchange House Exchange House is an organisation of Travellers and settled people working together to provide quality support, development, and youth services to Travellers within the greater Dublin area Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program A venture to introduce young men and women to skilled trades while still in high school. Each student will learn valuable trade skills in diverse fields
Wyndham City Council - Youth Services Website A website created by the Youth of Wyndham with lots of fun stuff to do, as well as usefull resources, support & event information Global Youth Action Network An international collaboration among youth and youth-serving organizations to share information, resources and solutions
Lions Opportunities for Youth Provides the young people of the world with opportunities for achievement, learning, contribution and service, individually and collectively, through sponsorship of activities identified as best practices in the field of youth development Camp Sweeney One of few camps in the country designed specifically for kids with diabetes. The only requirement to attend is that a camper have diabetes
Make A Connection In April 2000, the International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Nokia launched the Make a Connection program: a global, multi-year partnership to promote positive youth development by giving young people an opportunity to make a connection to their communities, to their families and peers, and to themselves Front Yard Youth Services A group of youth services, which focuses on the needs of homeless or disadvantaged young people aged 12 - 25. Each service operates independently, however the immediate needs of disadvantaged and homeless young people are met in a coordinated way, on the same site
Goodna Youth Services Goodna Youth Services is committed to an holistic approach through a range of services including, outreach; accomodation and emergency relief. It strives to support young people, their families and communities through innovative and flexible responses to their needs Friends of the Children A prevention/early intervention program whose mission is to help our nation's highest risk children develop the relationships. goals, and skills necessary to break the cycles of poverty, abuse and violence inorder to become contributing members of society


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