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The programs listed below provide interesting and innovative approaches to youthwork. I have no way of knowing the actual quality of the program and a listing here is not an endorsement by Youthwork Links and Ideas.

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justicePrograms: Juvenile Justice

What Works: Promising Interventions in Juvenile Justice This compendium of successful programs should prove a valuable tool for juvenile justice professionals seeking appropriate prevention and treatment programs in order to deter future delinquency The Prison! Me! No Way! A youth crime reduction programme pioneered by officers at Hull Prison in 1993 has since grown to become one of the most innovative and rapidly advancing crime prevention and educational aids ever to be created
Youth Law Center The Youth Law Center provides a state-wide toll free telephone service called the Youth Law Hotline. Anyone living in Iowa who is under the age of 18 can call the Hotline to get free legal advice and information regarding issues affecting youth rights and responsibilities. Professionals who work with youth can also call for legal advice about issues relating to youth National Teen Courts of America Certifies and classifies teen court programs
Restorative Justice Youth Conferencing A description of a restorative justice program in Fort Collins, CO Street Law for Juvenile Justice Programs Through Street Law, young people gain practical knowledge about law, the legal system, and the fundamental principles on which a constitutional democracy is based. Young people are empowered by learning about their rights and responsibilities and how to participate in society
Pacer Center Pacer's Juvenile Justice Project began in 1994 with funding from a private foundation. It was the first national project to examine the issues related to the overrepresentation of youth with disabilities in the justice system Youth Services International Mission is to protect the public by building and operating safe and humane facilities where young men and women receive training, education and treatment designed to help reduce the liklihood of reoffending after their release
Gender Specific Programming There is a growing body of research dedicated to examining the differences in the developmental pathways to delinquency for girls versus boys and developing gender-specific services for girls OJJDP Model Programs Guide Designed to assist practitioners and communities in implementing evidence-based prevention and intervention programs that can make a difference in the lives of children and communities
Juvenile Justice Educational Enhancement Program JJEEP strives to ensure that each student who is assigned to a juvenile justice program receives quality and comprehensive educational services that increase the student's potential for future success  

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