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Youth and Tobacco

Global Youth Tobacco Survey WHO and CDC developed the Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) to track tobacco use among youth across countries using a common methodology and core questionnaire NoTobacco.org The Foundation for a Smokefree America is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate people of all ages about smoking and tobacco use. This site provides tips for youth who want to quit smoking
The Tobacco Industry and Youth Smoking Report submitted to the Canadian government by the Non-Smoker's Rights Association of Canada covers the economics, trends, and promotion of youth smoking Blowing Smoke The goal of this two-year project is to expose and oppose the increased depiction of tobacco use in movies popular with youth. This program will result in the creation of a curriculum with accompanying video that is targeted to youth ages 11 through 16, and addresses the increased gratuitous depiction of tobacco use in film
Facts on Youth Smoking, Health and Performance Facts and tips from the CDC How can we prevent youth smoking? A presentation developed by Stan Davis for the Best Practices in Tobacco Prevention conference, spring, 1998. Focuses on interventions that work
The Campaign Against Teen Smoking Examines the range of policy initiatives aimed at preventing or stopping underage use of tobacco products that have been introduced and implemented. ASH - Action On Smoking and Health ASH is leading the fight to control the tobacco epidemic and to confront the lies and dirty tricks of the tobacco industry
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids The CAMPAIGN is working to: alter the nationís social, political and economic environment regarding tobacco; change public policies at federal, state and local levels; and increase the number of organizations and individuals involved. This requires actively countering the tobacco industry and its special interests Youth Empowerment Program YEP's mission is, in part, to inform and educate policymakers and professionals about promising programs and policies for at-risk children and families, particularly those designed to curb and prevent smoking on the part of young people
ResearchSmoking Among Middle and High School Students Associated With Age (.pdf) Age is strongly associated with the likelihood of current smoking, according to data from the 1999 and 2000 National Youth Tobacco Surveys (NYTS) of students in 455 middle and high schools across the U.S. OxyGen An Australian site providing information about the impact of tobacco and promoting and encouraging healthy life style choices
Tobacco Facts Information directed toward parents, teachers and youth The Smoking Gun: Tobacco and Teenagers Tobacco company documents which describe efforts to promote smoking among young people
Depressive Symptoms and Cigarette Smoking Among Teens Abstract of a research study which examined the relationship between depression and smoking Reducing Tobacco Use: A Report of the Surgeon General Offers a composite review of the various methods used to reduce and prevent tobacco use
Tobacco Information and Prevention Source Information on smoking and tobacco use from the US Centers for Disease Contol Using the Juvenile Courts to Stop Teen Smoking The purpose of this paper is to provide meaningful and constructive guidance in this relatively uncharted arena. It is hoped that the data will aid in the development of policies which actually result in the prevention and cessation of underage tobacco use
Canada Youth Smoking Survey Summary of the results of the 2002 Youth Smoking Survey Youth Smoking and the Media A Project to study the impact of television, anti-smoking advertising and news paper coverage about tobacco issues on youth smoking


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