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Substance Abuse Prevention

General Prevention Links Center For Substance Abuse Prevention Lead agency for US federal prevention efforts
Join Together Online A national resource center and meeting place for communities working to reduce substance abuse Preventing Drug Use Among Children and Adolescents: A Research Based Guide This guide is designed to provide important research-based concepts and information to further efforts to develop and carry out effective drug abuse prevention programs
National Alcohol Campaign (Australia) This site contains information for parents, the media, service providers, stakeholders, and communication students. You can also find the various resources for the campaign including publications, downloadable TV commercials and links to other relevant websites Prime for Life: Under 21 A risk reduction program designed for groups of youth, ages 13-20. Its primary application is for young people who are either already engaged in high-risk drinking or drug use (indicated prevention) or are in a group that is likely to become involved in high-risk behaviors (selected prevention)
National Commission Against Drunk Driving Youth Resource Center The Center serves as a central internet site that is designed to help community planners identify model programs in law enforcement, coalition development, youth activities and other aspects of underage drinking prevention Partners for Substance Abuse Prevention Sponsored by SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, the PARTNERS Web site serves as a directory, meeting place, and resource dedicated to drug abuse prevention, underage drinking prevention, underage tobacco use prevention and related problems affecting vulnerable youth and families
Prevention Primer This site incorporates the principles of a public health approach to preventing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problems in its summaries of issues and strategies. It provides a brief history of prevention efforts and an overview of key topics, issues, principles, and approaches that have proven successful CSAP's Model Programs The highly successful model programs featured on this Web site can be replicated at the community level adopted in their entirety or used to guide improvements or expanded services in an existing substance abuse prevention program
Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America CADCA is the premier membership organization of over 5,000 Community Coalitions nationwide, each fighting the problems associated with substance abuse and violence -- one community at a time Peer Education: From Evidence to Practice This monograph addresses a number of important issues including defining peer education, evidence for effectiveness and the theoretical background of peer education. It also provides best practice guidelines for conducting peer education initiatives, particularly focusing on the practical considerations for planning, evaluating and implementing peer education initiatives
Safe and Drug-Free Schools Program: News Updates Links to news articles and research reports Building an Effective Alcohol Prevention Program Ten tips for developing an effective school based program
Oregon Partnership Oregon Partnership is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to substance abuse prevention and treatment referral. We have youth resources, a peer-to-peer YouthLine where teens can call to talk with other teens about issues (alcohol, drugs, or other issues), and we can also hook you up with treatment referral or ideas on how to get help ImpacTeen A nation wide research study focusing on the effectiveness of various prevention programs in reducing underage drinking
Designing Effective Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Programs for Minority Youth This monograph examines ATOD abuse prevention programs in the United States that are designed for minority youth and analyzes: 1) the current conceptual foundations used in ATOD prevention programs; 2) the design of these programs; 3) existing research on program effectiveness; and 4) the implications of research and evaluation for the future design of effective ATOD prevention programs for minority youth American Council for Drug Education A substance abuse prevention and education agency that develops programs and materials based on the most current scientific research on drug use and its impact on society
Prevention Works Through Community Partnerships - Findings from SAMHSA/CSAP's National Evaluation This resource includes a monograph, a question and answer booklet and several fact sheets about the 48-Community Study of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention's Partnerships National Inhalant Prevention Coalition NIPC serves as an inhalant referral and information clearinghouse, stimulates media coverage about inhalant issues, develops informational materials, produces ViewPoint (a quarterly newsletter), provides training and technical assistance and leads a week-long national grassroots inhalant education and awareness campaign
The Center for Prevention Research and Development Works in the areas of prevention, human service reform, and school improvement. It provides a wide array of services such as training and consultation, grant writing, program development, and database management Prevention Decision Support System PreventionDSS follows CSAP's Logic Model planning process to help you make informed decisions while designing, implementing, and evaluating substance abuse prevention programs for communities and States
National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign A multi-dimensional effort to educate and empower youth to reject illicit drugs. The campaign uses a variety of media to reach parents and youth, including TV ads, educational materials, Web sites, and publications Science-Based Prevention: A Guide This booklet is intended to assist prevention practitioners and others involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of substance abuse prevention programs.
Adolescents: Education and Prevention of Substance Abuse Summaries of research reports about a number of effective and ineffective practices Terminology Matters Articles, guides and papers representing some of the current thinking on the terminology of prevention, offered to help further discussion in the prevention field on the the importance of the words we use
Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center Assists states and local communities in their efforts to combat underage drinking and related problems though enforcement of alcohol laws  

Buzzed: The Straight Facts About the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy by Cynthia Kuhn, Scott Swartzwelder, Wilkie Wilson
Pumped: Straight Facts for Athletes about Drugs, Supplements, and Training by Cynthia Kuhn, Scott Swartzwelder, Wilkie Wilson


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