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Here's the place to relax and take a break from stress and seriousness. Enjoy!!
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Youthwork Jokes

Two youthworkers and their supervisor in a residential group home were taking a lunch break in the break room. In walks a woman dressed in silk scarfs and wearing large polished stoned jewlery. "I am Yolanda The Magnificent" stated the woman. "I am so pleased with the way you have taken care of my nephew that I will now grant the next three wishes!" With a wave of her hand and a puff of smoke, the room was filled with flowers, fruit and bottles of drink, proving that she did have the power to grant wishes before any of the youthworkers could think otherwise.

The youthworkers quickly aurgued among themselves as to which one would ask for the first wish. Finally one youthworker made a wish: "I wish I were on a tropical island beach, relaxing in the sun with someone to tend to my every need." With a puff of smoke, the youthworker was gone. The second youthworker went next: "I wish I were rich and retired and spending my days in my own warm cabin at a ski resort with all the cocoa and donuts I want." With a puff of smoke, she too was gone. "Now, what is the last wish?" asked the woman. The supervisor said," I want those two back at work at the end of the lunch break."

There were 5 people on a plane- a boy, his father, the smartest person on earth, the richest person on earth, and the pilot. the plane suddenly was going to crash, but the plane only had 4 parachutes. the pilot got one, the richest person got one and said a lot of people owe me money, and the smartest person on earth said I need to help people and jumped off, and the dad said you go, you still have the rest of your life and the boy said thats ok dad the smartest guy took my back pack.

Submitted by gassy cows and ducks
A youthworker was rushing to meet a young person and was driving 250km/hour,on the road,when a policeman stopped him ."Sorry officer....was I driving too fast?" "No sir.You were flying too slow".

Submitted by akka
Question: There is a vending machine that can intimidate both boys and girls. What is it?

Answer: A condom vending machine

Submitted by Jewel
Question: What's the difference between a social worker and a Rottweiler?

Answer: The Rottweiler eventually gives the child back

Submitted by Kendall Bingham
Question: At one of my youth centres I had ten Barbies who walked in in a row smelling of sausages. Do you know why?

Answer: Because they were a Barbie Que!

Submitted by Geoff Moore
Question: How many youthworkers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer 1: The lightbulb doesn't need to change, the system needs to change
Answer 2: It depends on whether the lightbulb wants to change
Answer 3: None. When you are burnt out, it is better to curse the darkness
Answer 4: None. We empower youth to change the lightbulbs
Answer 5: None. The proper procedure is to refer cases of burn out to an Employee Assistance Professional (Submitted by Kyle)
Answer 6: They won't change it but it will take 50 of them to write a paper on coping with the darkness (Submitted by Luke Griffiss-Williams)
Answer 7: None. The bulb isn't burned out, it's just differently lit


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Serious Humor Links

If you need reasons to use humor in your work, check out the links below.

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