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justiceIssues: Juvenile Justice (Restorative Justice)

Juvenile Justice Issues Juvenile Justice Programs
The Balanced and Restorative Justice Project Restorative justice, as a guiding philosophical paradigm, promotes maximum involvement of the victim, offender, and the community in the justice process The Leuven Declaration on the Advisability of Promoting the Restorative Approach to Juvenile Crime The declaration is based especially upon the growing amount of practical experience and scientific research, commented and published in many countries, of which an important part, especially concerning juveniles
Restorative Justice Conferences as an Early Response to Young Offenders Not only does restorative justice hold youth accountable for their actions, it also affords them the opportunity to repair the harm they have caused involving their families and victims in the process Restorative Justice for Children and Youth Resources for teaching restorative justice concepts to young people
The New Zealand Model of Family Group Conferences Perhaps the most significant feature of the system is the way in which it enables restorative justice principles to be implemented in a statutory framework supervised by the courts and applicable to all young offenders throughout New Zealand Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking Restorative Justice resources and training opportunities from the National Restorative Justice Training Institute
Restorative Justice Online A credible, non-partisan source of information on restorative justice. It includes a resources section with a searchable, annotated bibliography on restorative justice; annotated links to other sites on restorative justice; and United Nations and Council of Europe documents on restorative topics Centre for Restorative Justice The Centre for Restorative Justice, in partnership with individuals, the community, justice agencies and the University, exists to support and promote the principles and practices of restorative justice. The Centre provides education, innovative program models, training, evaluation and research through a resource centre and meeting place that facilitates outreach, promotion, dialogue and advocacy
International Institute for Restorative Practices A non-profit organization which provides education and research in support of the development of restorative practices Restorative Justice Fact Sheet Information on Canada's restorative justice programs
Restorative Justice: Practitioners Portal A wealth of information from the UK Youth Justice Board Restorative Justice: Healing the Effects of Crime This web site was created to give those communities and organizations wanting to adopt restorative justice practices a foundation of restorative justice theory and practice. To that end, the research, experiences, and writings of Dr. Cavanagh are shared here. His current research focuses of the application of restorative practices in schools


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