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youthwork links and ideas

Youth as Advocates

boy Indicates sites created by young people

Drugs GLBT Environment Politics
Voices Volunteering World Peace Youth Rights  

The Education of Shelby Knox How one young person took on the challenge of sex, lies, and education

idealist.org A directory of sites about ways to make a better world

Do Something Imagine millions of young people and tens of thousands of schools participating in a new "sport" of community building

boy The TRUE Oxford Story We are a group of sixteen year olds and the aim of these pages is to show you a true picture of Oxford through our eyes. Behind all the dreaming spires there are many hidden issues that we hope to touch. These include problems facing minority groups and the topical issue of refugees; as well as other problem issues facing the youth of Oxford today

The Peer Education Network A Yahoo online forum for peer educators to meet and learn from each other

boy Youth Crime Watch of America A youth-led movement to create a crime-free, drug-free environment in our schools and neighborhoods

boy Link Up Works with young people around the world to showcase young people's web sites and the multimedia creativity of young people

TakingITGlobal.org An online community that connects youth to find inspiration, access information, get involved, and take action in their local and global communities

boy Free The Children Dedicated to eliminating the exploitation of children around the world, by encouraging youth to volunteer in, as well as to create programs and activities that relieve the plight of underprivileged children

boy Youth Shakers Youth advocating for healthy adolescent sexuality

Youth Action Net Seeks to connect, inspire and nurture present and future young leaders. Our aim is to provide a virtual space where young people can share lessons, stories, information and advice on how to lead effective change

Co/Motion Partners with youth-led and youth-serving organizations, national service and service learning programs, schools and other national and community-based organizations, to provide training to young adults 15 to 25 in advocacy and organizing skills

freechild.org Exists to research, investigate and disseminate the most forward-thinking ideas focusing on young people today. our focus areas include, but arenít limited to youth activism, youth rights, community involvement, youth media, youth-led organizations and information for the allies of young people

r.u. MAD? Emphasises student engagment and participation, expecting them to take up roles of real value, and celebrating their achievements as they have fun. Teachers act as facilitators throughout the process


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