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OnLine Communications: Newsgroups; Mail Lists and Electronic Newsletters  
The Cyberspace Youth Club A personal perspective of opportunities for using information technology in Hampshire, by Mark Harding AWARE Accessible Web Authoring Resources and Education - its mission is to serve as a central resource for web authors for learning about web accessibility
KidSmart This site focuses on 5 key SMART Safety Tips which children need to remember when they use the Internet or mobile phone - whether at school or in the home The Internet Advocate A Web-based Resource Guide for Librarians and Educators Interested in Providing Youth Access to the Net
National Grid for Learning The UK's national focal point for learning on the Internet Youth FM A UK youth radio station now broadcasting full time over the internet
Alliance for Community Technology The mission of the Alliance for Community Technology (ACT) is to lead in advancing the use of computing and communication technology globally to serve people (to help people help themselves) through community serving organizations Young People's Press Online A North American news service for youth. Its mandate is to give young people a voice. YPP lets the rest of society know what young people think and feel. It is an instrument for them to present their ideas to the general public and decision makers at all levels
YouthLearn Find resources and share best practices for working with youth and technology in after-school programs. This online community features tools, examples, guidelines, discussion forums and ideas, including lesson plans, project descriptions and tools (e.g., curriculum mapping), teaching techniques (e.g., group management), tips on finding hardware/software, examples of kids' work, staff development tools, more. Learn how to design a technology center Medicine, Mind and Adolescence Online journal of the World Federation and Society of Adolescentology
UNESCO Internet Atlas This page aims to guide the public -- including youth -- in surfing on the sea of Internet sites for youth information, and ultimately to improve the exchange of information in the field of youth Youth Workers Web Workshop The internet's first web workshop for youth workers. If you want to learn about home page construction, message boards, chatrooms, or simply how to use email and search engines, then this is your site! Workshops offer simple and easy tutorials, tips, tricks and tools - everything you need for using the web
Computer Use in Social Services Network Access the HUSITA listserv and resources on useful computer aided solutions Children, Youth, and the Internet How do young people experience information and communication technologies such as the Internet?


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