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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC serves as the national focus for developing and applying disease prevention and control, environmental health, and health promotion and education activities designed to improve the health of the people of the United States Youth Service America Youth Service America is an alliance of organizations committed to community and national service. Our mission is to build healthy towns and cities, and foster citizenship, knowledge, and personal development through a powerful network of service opportunities for young Americans
Do Something Imagine millions of young people and tens of thousands of schools participating in a new "sport" of community building Magic By Stan Davis Stan's childrens' shows encourage young people to read, to be healthy, and to appreciate their families and communities.  Shows for teens, adults and organizations encourage teamwork, setting and achieving goals, and creativity
A World of Prevention A directory of programs, research, references and resources dedicated to the prevention of child and adolescent problems and the promotion of youth development in families, schools and communities Coming Up Taller Profiles of community programs in the arts and humanities that reach at-risk children and youth when they are not in school
Center for Prevention Research at the University of Kentucky A nationally recognized multi-disciplinary social science institute focusing on rigorous scientific investigation into the effects, predictors, and prevention of social behaviors whose abuse carries health costs weprevent.org A web site maintained by the the National Crime Prevention Council as part of its commitment to direct and administer the National Citizens' Crime Prevention Campaign
Northeast Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies Seeks to strengthen the capacity of state and local agencies to implement research-based substance abuse prevention strategies, programs, and policies for young people and their families in eleven Northeastern states Join Together Online Join Together is a national resource center for communities working to reduce substance abuse and gun violence
The Prevention Institute The Institute develops methodology and strategy to strengthen and expand primary prevention practice. Such strategy is essential to save lives and money, reduce individual suffering, and enhance community well-being Institute For Youth Development A non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes a comprehensive risk avoidance message to youth for five harmful risk behaviors that are inextricably linked: alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco and violence
National Prevention Network Links and prevention information The Prevention Researcher A concise and user-friendly research newsletter published quarterly and brought to you by Integrated Research Services
Safe and Drug Free Schools Program The US Federal government's primary vehicle for reducing drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and violence, through education and prevention activities in our nation's schools Search Institute Conducts research and evaluation, develops publications and practical tools, and provides training and technical assistance. The institute collaborates with others to promote long-term organizational, and cultural change that supports the healthy development of all children and adolescents
Oregon Social Learning Center Research focuses primarily on factors related to the family, peer group and school experience which contribute to healthy social adjustment in key settings, including the home, school, and the community during childhood, and the workplace, intimate relationships and parenthood during adulthood America's Promise: The Alliance for Youth Mission: To mobilize people from every sector of American life to build the character and competence of our nation's youth by fulfilling Five Promises for young people: Ongoing relationships with caring adults in their lives - parents, mentors, tutors, or coaches; Safe places with structured activities during nonschool hours; Healthy start and future; Marketable skills through effective education; and Opportunities to give back through community service.
Teen Risk-Taking: Promising Prevention Programs and Approaches This guidebook and program compendium provides an essential first step in bridging the gap from "research to practice." It explores some of the practical issues associated with finding, choosing, and starting potentially effective prevention programs for at-risk preteens and teens Does 'Adolescense' Mean 'Abstain from Everything'? A provocative look at the mesages we are sending youth
The YouthARTS Development Project Results of an evaluation of three YouthARTS prevention programs Project AIM Works with groups interested in youth development. By helping these groups adapt their approach from older models- focusing on youth problems- to building on strengths and skills, Project AIM will help youth to help themselves grow into healthy, competent and caring adults
Prevention An introduction to prevention and youth development from the Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Information. It includes research and statistics, best practices, strategies, and promising programs Prevention First An Illinois nonprofit prevention and research organization specializing in prevention of substance abuse and related issues, including violence, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, and juvenile delinquency
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation One of the nation's preeminent independent, nonprofit organi zations merging scientific knowledge and proven practice to create solutions that improve the health, safety and well-being of individuals, communities, nations, and the world Creating the Conditions for Successful Prevention Programming What drives us to do what we do is our comparing what we want to how we see things, and if there is a difference between them, we act to correct that difference, either by changing what we want or by acting to change what doesn’t conform to what we want.
National Institute on Out-of-School Time Our Mission is to ensure that all children, youth, and families have access to high quality programs, activities, and opportunities during non-school hours  


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