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Healthy Youth 2010: Supporting the 21 Critical Adolescent Objectives A project of the American Medical Association Go Ask Alice An interactive health question and answer page with new answers each week. Previous answers are stored in a searchable database
Children's Health/Especially for Teens Resources from the American Medical Association Physical Activity and Health The Surgeon General's report on adolescents and young adults
National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention General information on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis, and on the work of the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention The Orthodontic Information Page Find out how braces can improve your appearance, improve your health, make you look beautiful. Examine initial data (not verified) that orthodontic treatment could lower your risk of heart disease. View before and after pictures of adult orthodontic patients. Find out about the risks of orthodontics and how to avoid the unsafe dentists
Bandaides and Blackboards Information for teens with medical problems TeenNet Underscores individual choice by teens and the exploration of options regarding health behaviour from the University of Toronto Department of Behavioural Science
Healthtouch Although this site is not specifically oriented toward youth, it provides some useful, basic information about a variety of health related conditions On the Teen Scene: When Mono Takes You Out of the Action Learn what mono is and what can and can not be done to treat it
Adolescent Health Links and resources from the American Medical Association Are Teens Getting Enough Sleep? Discusses sleep needs of adolescents
Adolescent Health Problems and Injuries While a large part of adolescent medicine involves addressing the medical and treatment needs of the adolescent's illness, condition, or injury, a significant component of adolescent medicine also anticipates and assesses developmental complications associated with the healthcare needs of the specific medical problem Parental Support and Adolescent Physical Health Status: A Latent Growth-Curve Analysis Applying latent growth curve analysis to a sample of 310 adolescents, this study demonstrates that level of and changes in observed parental behavior are liked to the level of and changes in adolescent physical health status, respectively, through adolescent perception of parental support


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