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Adolescent Nutrition Nutritional requirements and risks for nutritional deficiencies Should adolescents be specifically targeted for nutrition in developing countries? To address which problems, and how? This paper reviews adolescent-specific nutritional problems, and discusses priority issues for the health sector, particularly in developing countries. The paper indicates what are considered priority research needs in this age group
Health World: Adolescence Information about nutritional needs during adolescence Nutritional Needs of the Pregnant Adolescent General information about adolescent pregnancy as well as nutritional requirements
awesomebody.com Promotes healthy personal nutrition choices for adolescents and adults Adolescence: Energy and Nutrient Requirements Discusses the nutritional requirements of adolescents with an emphasis on the different needs of young men and young women
Vegetarian Nutrition for Teens Information about how nutritional needs can be met through a varied vegetarian diet Improving the Nutritional Health of Adolescents: A Position Statement of the Society for Adolescent Medicine Adolescent nutritional problems are common in the U.S.A. and throughout the world. Some young people lack adequate food and others make poor food choices. Conflicting media messages confuse and overwhelm modern adolescents, while rapidly changing lifestyles interfere with family centered eating patterns.
Trends in Teen Nutrition Information from the International Food Information Council Foundation On The Teen Scene: Good News About Nutrition This article is part of a series from the US FDA with important health information for teenagers
Feeding Your Teenager Advice about maintaining a healthy diet based on the USDA Food Pyramid  


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