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active listeningActive Listening

Attentive Listening An interactive example of active listening Active Listening: An Interactive Learning Experience Learn and practice active listening using a number of different scenarios
Communications Skill Building Basic concepts and skills of active listening Active Listening Tips for using active listening in conflict resolution
Conversational Terrorism A semi-serious look at some common conversational habits that are definitely NOT Active Listening Active Listening Techniques Summarizes the types of active listening statements
Life Skills for Vocational Success Activities for teaching or learning active listening Active Listening with Children and Young People Provides explanations and examples of active listening from a parent's perspective
Active Listening A fairly detailed explanation of active listening skills and some practice activities Counseling Basics for Wiccan Clergy: Active Listening counseling is based on the very Wiccan-compatible faith that each human being has within themself the full capacity to make and implement appropriate decisions concerning their own life. By that faith, the counselor's only role is to help the client to make such decisions, not to tell the client what to do, and certainly never to try to run their life for them
Active Listening: Hear What People Are Really Saying A few short tips to help you enhance your communications skills and to ensure you are an active listener Active Listening Active, effective listening is a habit, as well as the foundation of effective communication

Listening to Young People in School, Youth Work and Counselling by Nick Luxmoore

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