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Cultural Competence in Serving Children and Adolescents With Mental Health Problems This information is useful whether or not mental health is an issue CASA Advocate's Library Several articles devoted to cultural competency
Examining Personal Language Some tips for examining your own personal communication patterns for racial or ethnic bias Meeting the Needs of Ethnic Minority Children professional development needs to incorporate the perspective of difference and diversity aiming not only to raise cultural awareness by gaining knowledge but also cultural sensitivity through experiences that challenge ones respective cultural identities and their influence on understanding and acceptance of others
Cultural Competency A directory of web sites addressing issues related to cultural competency Ten Things Every Child Welfare/Human Service Organization Should do to Promote Cultural Competence Concrete suggestions from the Child Welfare League of America
Multicultural Prevention In a multicultural society each community offers a rich and diverse ethnic heritage that, if fully explored and understood, will play an important role in the development of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug problem prevention programs that focus on strengthening cultural resiliency and protective factors BritKid Interactive site about race, racism and life
Equality Today! A youth written ezine focusing on the issues of multiculturalism and anti-racism Asian/Pacific Islander Youth Violence Prevention Center A gathering place for researchers and Asian/Pacific Islander communities to engage in dialogue about issues relevant to violence prevention in API communities. The website offers current research and resources
Hidden Bias: A Primer This site has a number of online tests that measure unconscious, or automatic, biases Developing Cultural Self-Awareness This article presents a discussion of the need for early interventionists to develop awareness of certain cultural assumptions underlying their practice
A Youth Leaders Guide to Building Cultural Competence Meet the challenges of providing HIV/STD and sexuality education to culturally diverse groups. Using a four step model, this resource helps build the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to reach all groups of young people Working In and With Indigenous Communities This site has a wealth of resources from the Australian literature
Accomplishing Cross Cultural Competence in Youth Development Programs Understanding the cultures of the youth we serve requires more than words and good intentions. The journey toward cultural competence requires the willingness to experience, learn from those experiences, and act Building Cathredals: Cultural Competence An article on cultural competence in mental health services and education
Cultural Competence Bibliography An annotated bibliography from the Child Welfare League of America Cultural Competence Resources Links to organizations, general information, training workshops and conferences, policy resources, and implementation resources
Definition of Cultural Competence In attempting to define the phrase, it is critical to point out that "cultural competence" is not a fixed characteristic of an agency, rather it is an on-going developmental process engaged in by agencies and individuals to address diversity in the community service area Mental Health Issues and Culture Cultural issues and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health
Children and Youth with Special Health Needs The purpose of the Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) Project is to assist state Title V Maternal and Child Health and CSHCN programs to design, implement and evaluate culturally and linguistically competent service delivery and support systems Cultural Competence and Related Factors A bibliography from Quick Find On-line Clearinghouse
Cultural Diversity in Adolescent Health Care For health professionals, sensitivity to the cultural, ethnic, linguistic and social diversity among young people helps to avert problems and misunderstandings, improves satisfaction for all concerned and leads to better outcomes  


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