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ideaYouthwork as a Profession

Why Train Youth Workers? Training in youthwork is directed at the development of the youthworker so that she too can choose. Further, it is focused on unlearning a wide variety of cultural, taken-for-granted, hence invisible, ways of seeing and thinking so as to be able to perceive the world in its uniqueness, similarity, normalcy and possibility, i.e. to see what might become. This type of unlearning is necessary before the youthworker can be an educator of youth Youth Work and Professionalization Raises the question of whether youth work should see itself as a profession, with the attendant disciplines of a code of ethics, mandatory training, professional registration (and deregistration), a professional association and all the rest
Indroducing the Theory and Practice of Youth Work Explores the development of the theory and practice of youth work in Britain and Northern Ireland  

Islands Of Healing: A Guide To Adventure Based Counseling by Jim Schoel, Dick Prouty and Paul Radcliffe
The One Minute Manager by Kenneth Blanchard
Working With Girls and Young Women in Community Settings by Janet Batsleer
Anger Management for Youth : Stemming Aggression and Violence by Leona L. Eggert
Hot Stuff to Help Kids Chill Out : The Anger Management Book by Jerry Wilde


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